Celebrating the Summer: Open-Air-Events in Dortmund

Are you planning a trip to Dortmund? Great decision and even better timing: The summer months are going to be packed with awesome open-air events in the city. It is going to be hard to decide on what weekend you want to come because all of them promise to be fantastic! 😉 We created a list with open air-events in Dortmund – hoping that it helps you to pick the best travel time.

Enjoy your time in Dortmund and come visit us at the Tourist-Info (Kampstraße 80 near the main train station and the shopping street Westenhellweg).

(published: April 2018)


05.10. – 05.13. (Long Weekend -> Holiday)

Etepetete – Indie Music Festival

The Swedish Band „Hey Elbow“. Photo: Jesper Berg

You are into music? Well then – check out the Etepetete festival. It is an insider tip since it is relatively new: it is only taking place for the second time; presenting six European newcomers. There will also be a dance floor, a flea market and an outside area to enjoy the sun.

  • When? 05.11. // entry: 6:30 p.m.
  • Where? FZW, Ritterstraße 20
  • Price: pay  what you want: 7 €, 10 €, 15 € or 20 €
  • More information


Fair „DO-City moves“

0610do-Do City bewegt sich Schuetze 7027.jpg
photo: Stephan Schütze/ Ruhr Nachrichten

Travel, health and sports are your topics? Then you are going to love this fair. It combines information from all three sectors – companies will introduce themselves and their products to you during this fair.

  • When? 05.11. – 05.12. // 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.
  • Where? Kleppingstraße, Reinoldikirchplatz
  • Price? Free
  • More information



photo: AIG Westend e.V.

Would you like to know where the locals are at in Dortmund? Then go to the Westpark. This park near the city center is very popular with many people living in Dortmund. They like to relax here after work, have a barbecue or play soccer or frisbee on the meadows. This weekend there will be even more people because the Westpark-Festival is taking place. It includes great music perfomances and a fun flea market on Sunday.

  • When? 05.10. – 05.13. // starting at 2 p.m.
  • Where? Westpark
  • Price? Free
  • More information


05.18. – 05.21. (Long Weekend -> Holiday)

Festival „PollerWiesen“

Pollerwiesen Festival Dortmund-24.jpg
photo: PollerWiesen/ Alex Bremer

Meadow, forest, beach or hill – no matter where exactly in the Revierpark Wischlingen you are, you will be experiencing great Techno music. There will be four floors.

  • When? 05.20. // starting at 11 a.m.
  • Where? Revierpark Wischlingen, Höfkerstraße 12
  • Price? starting at 29 euros
  • More information


Festival „Once Upon a Time“

photo: Once upon a Time

Once upon a time – these four words are often the beginning of a great story. You can be in one by participating in the festival „Once upon a time“. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the mine Zollern, decorated historically for an old-fashioned carnival inspired by the 19th century.  In addition to the rides, you can watch shows  – some of them tricking your brain; letting you believe that some people walk around without heads or are able to levitate. Spooky. Enjoy!

  • When? 05.19. – 05.21. // 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. (Saturday: 10 p.m.)
  • Where?  Zeche Zollern, Grubenweg 5
  • Price? 7 euros
  • More information


05.31. –  06.03. (Long Weekend -> Holiday)

Ruhr Reggae Summer

RRS_5_ by_Yann_Bombeke.jpg
photo: u-concert/ Yann Bombeke

Four stages, a crag and a swimming pool – the Ruhr Reggae Summer is going to be fabulous! During three days of sun you will be able to enjoy nice music and be active: If you are not into climbing and swimming, you can also dance in an old indoor ice-skating-rink – what an extraordinary setting! Of course, you do not need to be hungy either. There will be all kinds of international dishes – even vegetarian and vegan food.

  • When? 05.31. – 06.02.
  • Where? Revierpark Wischlingen, Höfkerstraße 12
  • Price? 59 euros
  • More information

Medieval Celebration „Mengeder Gaudium“

Still today Dortmund celebrates its connection to the middle ages. Medieval themed markets take place regularly – such as the Mengeder Gaudium in the neighborhood Mengede. Out of the many attractions you can for example listen to fairy tales during the day and enjoy fire shows during the night.

  • When? 05.31. – 06.03.  -> Thurs. 05.31. 12 p.m. – 11 p.m.; Fri. 06.01. 4 p.m. – 22 p.m.; Sat. 06.02. 12 p.m. – midnight; Sun. 06.03. 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.
  • Where? Volksgarten, Dortmund Mengede
  • Price? Free
  • More information


06.08. – 06.10.

Dortmund á la Carte

photo: Kettig

Is there anything more fun than eating?  Yes of course; eating even more 😉 You can do so when eleven gastronomers offer their specialities at the event „Dortmund á la Carte“.  Next to the food big fireworks on June 6th will be an highlight of the event.

  • When? 06.06. – 06.10.
  • 06.06.: starting at 1 p.m., all other days: 11 a.m. – nighttime
  • Where? Hansaplatz
  • Price? Free
  • More information


 06.22. – 06.24.

Dortmund International – International Week (Muensterstrassen-Festival + Hoeschpark-Festival)

Dortmund is colourful and diverse: People from all over the world live here. They come from various origins, backgrounds and cultures but nevertheless, they live peacefully together. They also share their experiences with others; e.g. during the international week in which Dortmund celebrates its diversity. The international week starts with the Muensterstrassen-Festival  on June 23rd from noon to 7 p.m. Groups from various countries present their home countries‘ music and dancing traditions. The Hoeschpark-Festival at the end of the intenational week (July 1st) focuses on sports instead.


06.29. – 07.01.

Summersounds-DJ- Picknicks

photo: Summersounds/ Kulturservice Ruhr

Eight Saturdays, eight parks and infinite fun: The 10th anniversary of the DJ-picknicks promises to be a great outdoor music event. Depending on the day, you can listen to Electronic-Beats, Hip-Hop and Rap but also Reggae and Urban Beats. Different DJs will play the music for you during 2 p.m. and 10 p.m. – every Saturday changing the location to another park. In addition to the music, there will be sport attractions such as Diskgolf and soccerpool. Obviously, no one wants you to starve, therefore food trucks will sell food as well.

  • When and where?
  1. Sat. 06.30. – Westpark
  2. Sat. 07.07. – Meadow next to the Westfalenhallen
  3. Sat. 07.14. – Fredenbaumpark
  4. Sat. 07.21.  – Tremonia-Meadow
  5. Sat. 08.04. – Phoenix Lake
  6. Sat. 08.11. – Meadow next to the Westfalenhallen
  7. Sat. 08.18. – Phoenix West
  8. Sat., 08.25. – Summersounds’ Hoeschpark Open Air

!Sing – Day of Song

Just a bit past noon: An entire region will be starting to sing the same song at the Day of Song to enjoy the power of creating music as a group. In Dortmund participants are meeting at the coking plant Hansa.

  • When?  06.30.06. // 12 p.m.
  • Where? Kokerei Hansa, Emscherallee 11
  • Price? Free
  • More information


picture: Afro-Ruhr-Festival/ Africa-Postive

The continent Africa seems to be far away. People do not often get to experience African culture. But not in Dortmund. Here you can dive into a whole new culture by visiting the Afro-Ruhr-Festival. The festival presents international acts, African food and dance, as well as movies and literature. You can even participate in workshops or listen to presentations.

  • When?  06.29.06. – 07.01.
  • Where? Dietrich-Keuning-Haus, Leopoldstraße 50-58
  • Price? No information yet
  • More information


ExtraSchicht – Night of Industrial Culture

2017_Kokerei Hansa Dortmund_Sejk-23
photo: Kokerei Hansa Sejk/ ExtraSchicht

Smoke, fumes and factories? Is this how you picture the Ruhr-area? Then you definitely need to visit it and see how much the area has changed since the industrial times. Now the Ruhr-area is a vivid cultural center. It portrays art, music and culture, cleverly reusing old industrial sites such as mines. During the event „ExtraSchicht“ you can experience this change and enjoy various attractions such as poetry slams, concerts, fire works and guided tours – all set at beautiul places like old factories or even former junk yards. Ten spots are opening their doors to visitors in Dortmund that night.

  • When?  06.30.
  • Where? e.g. JunkYard, Dortmunder U, Brauerei-Museum
  • Price?  20 euros– Attention! If you buy your ticket before May 17th, it only costs 12 euros.
  • More information



PSD Bank Movie Theater

AnnekeDunkhase_PSD_Kino _0136.jpg
photo: Anneke Dunkhase / Neovaude

You would like to watch a movie for a change, do something relaxing but you feel bad since the weather is just so good and you should be outside? No worries! The PSD Bank movie theater in the Westfalenpark combines both of your desires. During the summer months it opens outside: The screen is installed on an island across a lake in the park.

  • When?  07.18. – 08.26. // starts at 7.30 p.m.
  • Where? Seebühne Westfalenpark
  • Price? starting at 8 euros
  • More information


07.27. – 07.29.

Juicy Beats Festival

photo: Juicy Beats/ H&HPhotographics

Can you hear all these feet marching towards the Westfalenpark during this summer weekend? They do not only belong to the festival visitors but also to 100 DJs and 50 Liveacts who play at the Juicy Beats Festival. During this big music event you will get to know German music and artists such as Kraftklub, Kontra K and the 257ers. What are you waiting for?

  • When?  07.27. – 07.28.
  • Where? Westfalenpark
  • Price?  1 day -> 41,40 euros
  • More information



08.03. – 08.05.

Festival „GourmeDo“

photo: futec AG/ GourmeDo

Fast food is not for you? Instead eating is like an event which needs to be appreciated the right way? Then „GourmeDo“ is the right festival for you. In the city center you will be able to eat great food while at the same time enjoying beautiful music.


08.24. – 08.26.

Day of the Refreshment Kiosk

Adler59_Dortmund_©RTG Stengel.jpg
photo: RTG Stengel

Have you walked by one of these numerous little shops that sell candies, some food products and beer? Then you discovered a very important part of the culture of the Ruhr-area. The tiny shops, which are called Trinkhallen, have a long tradition here. For example: Kids use them to buy candies, students to buy beer and grandmas to buy eggs in order to bake cakes. Neighbors meet, friends meet, strangers meet – all exchanging news. This special culture is celebrated during the Day of the Refreshment Kiosk. In the Ruhr area many Trinkhallen participate between 3 p.m. and 10 p.m. In addition to selling their regular products, many organize highlights.

  • When?  08.25.
  • Where? Everywhere in the „Ruhrgebiet“
  • Price?  Free
  • More information

Concert „Dortmund Olé“

Mia Julia_Ole.jpg
photo: Veranstalter/ Jan Bonk

There are many music genres in the world: Hip Hop, Rap, Pop, Jazz and so on but do already now Schlager? This German music style is very popular with the partying folk. At this event famous artists such as Mia Julia, Mickie Krause and Oli P. come to Dortmund to make you smile.

  • When?  08.25. // 12 p.m. – 10 p.m.
  • Where? Revierpark Wischlingen, Höfkerstraße 12
  • Price? starting at 11 euros
  • More information


Holi Festival of Colours

photo: Festival of Colours

Wow – colourful: Every full hour participants of the Holi Festival of Colours throw dye in the air. After a while their white clothes will be colourful. This is not only a lot of fun but also a music festival at the same time.

  • When? 08.25. // 12 p.m. – 10 p.m.
  • Where? Fredenbaumpark
  • Price? starting at 27, 99 euros
  • More information



8.31. – 09.02.

Cityring Concerts

photo: Neovaude / CRK 2016/2017

Big opera, a Groove symphony, a musical gala and a musical fairy tale are this years‘ Cityring concerts. They take place at the Friedensplatz and include more than 300 musicians.

  • When? 08.31. – 09.02.
  • Where? Friedensplatz
  • Price? starting at 7 euros
  • More information