Experience Dortmund’s famous football stadium during a new tour

Germans love soccer. The biggest soccer stadium in Germany is located in Dortmund. An English audio tour gives you the possibility to visit it.

Dortmund’s football team BVB offers a new audio tour in English

Are you interested in sports? If your answer is ‚yes‘, you should most definitely visit Dortmund’s football stadium. It is the biggest one in Germany! Approximately 80.000 people fit in here. Experiencing a match and its vibrant atmosphere is a must-see on every sports-mad person’s list.

35701242_1804683702923063_562175171385884672_nBut even when there is no game going on, the stadium is still a breathtaking place to visit. The BVB offers an audio tour in English during which you will get to see not only the playing field and seats but also places inside the stadium that are usually restricted. Such as: the locker room, the press lounge and the VIP dining area.

It is a great tour – even for people who normally cheer for other sports or teams!

During the Christmas season the BVB offers a special tour called „Rasenleuchten“. It starts at 19:09 pm (7:09 pm); includes a hot beverage and the view of an illuminated stadium.

English Audio Guide

In order to get the information you desire, you will get an audio guide at the beginning of the tour. You can just wear it around your neck so your hands are free to take tons of photos to post on social media and to brag with when talking to your friends later on 😉 For example, you can tell them that you saw the famous „Yellow Wall“, the biggest stand in Europe!

Gelbe Wand = Yellow Wall

A narrator on the audio guide is providing you with more information. In German, English, Polish or Chinese you will get to know what you are about to see during the tour. In addition to facts, you will also get personal insights – from players and staff. They recorded messages in which they share their experiences and stories with you.

The BVB cook – for example – will explain the players‘ diet, while the driver knows all about preparation rituals inside the bus before a game – just to name a few examples. Others will tell you about press conferences while others inform you about security measurements. Did you know that there is a small jail inside the stadium with two group cells?

While you are heading from spot to spot, you will also be able to experience the special atmosphere of excitement which is typical for games. The audio guide will play fan songs, broadcastings from journalists and audio bits from matches. It is almost like you are there. You do not need to have a big imagination to imagine the stadium filled with thousands of cheering people wearing the club’s colours black and yellow and performing a La Ola-movement. Can you see it?

photo: BVB


Further Questions

Do you have further questions? No problem! There is also a real-life guide you can talk to. The guide will show you around the stadium so you do not get lost inside the gigantic building. He or she will also happily assist you with any further questions.

35682223_1804685346256232_6125785315958325248_nAfter the tour (2 hours) you can also visit the Borusseum next door. It is the club’s personal museum and provides you with even more information about the BVB. The entrance fee is included in the tour ticket price.

By the way: The BVB also offers an express-tour which only takes 60 minutes instead of two hours. A great solution, if your layover in Dortmund is only short or if you are traveling with elderly people or kids! So far the express-tour does not include an audio-guide but relies on the human guide. The club also offers accessible tours and tours for schools.

Tickets and more information:

  • football = Fußball
  • the stadium = das Stadion
  • the football = der Fußball
  • the goal = das Tor
  • the player = der Spieler
  • the stand = die Tribüne
  • the Yellow Wall = die Gelbe Wand
  • the match = das Spiel
  • the playing field = das Spielfeld
  • victory = Sieg

*In German nouns are written with a capital first letter.

Autor: Lisa

Geboren in Oberhausen // Groß geworden im Sauerland // Zwischenstopps in Mainz, Saarbrücken, Hamburg, San Diego und Muncie -> überall schön, aber nirgends so "heimisch" wie in Dortmund <3